TELE-FONIKA Kable is an approved manufacturer of Utility cables for the Distribution Network Operators (DNO) and Independent DNOs, including ENW, WPD, UKPN. Scottish Power, SSE, NIE and ESB. 
Made to British, ENA and International standards, specialising in BS7870 and IEC60502 constructions, including low voltage 600/1000V Waveform cables for distribution systems also Concentric and Split Concentric service cables for the customer’s final connection and street lighting applications. 
We also supply medium voltage 11kV and 33kV single core and triplex formation underground power distribution cables.
Designs available with copper or aluminium conductors, PVC or XLPE insulation, with the option of PVC or MDPE sheathed designs. For installation that require increased fire safety properties we can  offer Low Smoke Zero Halogen versions.


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