Industrial & OEM

Industrial & OEM

TFKable UK have been manufacturing cables and wires for the Industrial and OEM Market since the late 1990s.
A comprehensive range of Power, Control and Wiring types, have been supplied from UK stock and specially manufactured to order, for installations and projects throughout the country.  
Whilst we offer a range of standard products manufactured in accordance with the required approvals and accreditations, our extensive product manufacturing capability offered from the TFKable group of manufacturing plants, allows us to meet the requirements of a wide scope of specific tailored cable types, in order to meet various Industrial and OEM applications.
Our range of Industrial Rubber types, which include Welding Cables, Coil End Leads, Trailing Cables, Lift Cables and Portable Supply Cables, are used in numerous market sectors, including Building Projects, TV, Film and Entertainment Outside Broadcasts, Fabrication Engineering, Electronic Equipment Manufacture, Data Centres and Diesel Generator Builders.
We currently supply a range of UL Approved SOOW types to Ireland and dual European Harmonised and UL SOOW / H07RN F types to both Ireland and Czech Republic. At this time, we hold a contractual framework agreement in place to supply Braided EVA ZH Rubber types to a Scottish based manufacturer of heating and lighting units for onshore and offshore hazardous areas.
Together with LV Power, Control and Wiring types, we offer an extensive list of MV and HV cables, both Copper and Aluminium conductor, Single Core and Three, PVC and LSOH, in accordance with BS 6622, BS 7835 and BS 7870.


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