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Crane cables

TELE-FONIKA Kable is a leading producer of specialist flexible cables for the world’s cranes and reeling drum applications.

TFCrane cables are specifically designed to offer exceptional performance and extended service life, achieved by the use of advanced synthetic rubber compounds and polyamide anti-torsion braids. Meeting the unique demands of high reeling speeds, whilst offering high flexibility and enhanced abrasion resistance, flame retardance, ozone and UV resistance.

TFCrane cable many applications include conveyors, container and harbour cranes, monospiral and cylindrical reeling machines. 

With customised options including fibre optic cores and composite flat form designs, we have a TFCrane product solution for every application:

  • Reeling Drum Cables – Low Voltage  300/500V, 600/1000V
  • Reeling Cables – Medium Voltage  3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV
  • Vertical Reeling Drum Cables 0.6/1kV
  • Festoon Circular Cables 0.6/1kV
  • Festoon Flat Cables 0.6/1kV


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