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Mining cables

Mining cables 2
Mining cables
TELE-FONIKA Kable is one of the leading and most trusted producers of mining cables in the world.
Our mining cables are designed to provide the ultimate in safety and reliability, to ensure an extensive service life in the most challenging of conditions. The specially formulated flame retardant rubber sheathing materials have excellent resistance to abrasion, tearing, UV, ozone, chemicals and oil, hence these cables are also suitable for use many other heavy-duty applications.  
Designed to operate at both low and high temperatures, many of our mining cables have a transparent abrasion resistant polyurethane rubber outer sheath that includes a helical fluorescent reflective tape, offering high visibility at a greater distance in the typical twilight conditions encountered underground.  
Optical fibre, pilot and monitoring cores are just three of the numerous additions our customers may incorporate to reach their optimum solution. Our trailing cables and coal cutter cables ensure an uninterrupted power supply despite difficult operating conditions in the mines such as excessive mechanical strain, extraordinary climatic conditions and risk of explosion.
We supply bespoke designs suitable for all mines and quarry applications including open cast, draglines, shovels and drills, section feeders, submersible pumps and reeling applications.  With products for British BS, German (DIN VDE), Polish, American (ICEA ASTM), Australia-New Zealand (AS/NZ), French (NF C), Russian (GOST) and South African (SANS) standards, plus many European Harmonised types, we probably have a suitable mining cable for almost any underground and overground requirement in the world.
You can be assured of performance when mining cables, manufactured by TELE-FONIKA Kable, are installed in numerous mines all over the world.


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